Markets - series post

I've been spending a lot of my time on the weekends exploring the local traditional markets, but I haven't been sharing much of what I've seen. Since the last post was a bit wordy, here's a much more laconic post for you. PICTURE TIME!

You do not want to mess with the fish vendors in Yang-dong market.

A lunch break for one of the poorer merchants at Yang-dong market. Vendors like this one likely grow their own produce in whatever meagre plots of land are available around their house. The produce is often wilted, and there is never much on offer. 

Another of the poorer merchants, these vendors are unable to afford the price to rent a stall within the market proper, and so are relegated to the outskirts where they use large umbrellas to protect themselves and their produce from the elements. In the background, you can see the produce on offer from a slightly more well-to-do merchant.

One of the merchants with a centrally-located stall inside Yang-dong market. The boxes are used to measure out how much you get when you make a purchase from a vendor. The boxes are always over-flowing to show what a good deal you get. I have no idea what she's selling.

Though the streets through the markets are actually quite wide, many merchants display their wares in the road itself, thus choking them to narrow, winding paths. Despite little room for error, motorcycle-delivery men cruise through at breakneck speeds. No one in the market bats an eye.