ALS Icebucket Challenge - Give money, be happy

Regarding the ice bucket challenge (#icebucketchallenge) stuff. I'm waiting for someone to freeze a bucket of water and drop a block of ice on their head. But seriously, how many people are using reclaimed water for this? How many people are doing it in a kiddie pool so they can re-use the water? How many people are doing it in their gardens so the water ends up on useful plants? A lot of people on my fb feed are complaining that this is a waste of water, and I agree, but I think that there are ways that people could still use the water post challenge.

Also, as an aside, Kai from DigitalRev TV used water reclaimed from his dehumidifiers. His cohort, Lok, used rain water. These are the first people I've seen who admit to using reclaimed sources of water.

Anyway, I think it's a great thing to bring awareness to ALS, as well as funding toward a cure. Yeah, there are other problems in the world, but this one that has - until the past week - gotten very little press, and less funding. The reason behind this is the simple fact that it affects so few people. It's still a problem, and it still needs support. No, it isn't breast cancer or HIV/AIDS, but it's still a life-ending disease. Even if you aren't challenged, even if you don't know someone affected by ALS, even if you've never heard of ALS, I challenge YOU to go donate $10. Because you're a good human being. If you don't agree. Go donate $10 to something you feel is worthwhile.

But for the love of whatever you believe in, don't donate to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. That "charity" is a straight-up business, and your money will be wasted.

By the way, for my part, I'm donating $10 to ALS, and $10 to Heifer International. I would donate more, but I'm not a rich man.

If you would like to donate to a charity (which I encourage you to do only if you can afford to), here are three of my suggestions.

ALS Association - the #IceBucketChallenge and #StrikeOutALS originators

Heifer International - donate a cow (or something smaller) to a village in need! 

Kiva - a microlending organization that helps people around the world achieve their "American Dream"

A scientific study showed that giving money to others makes you happier than spending it on yourself. Give money, be happy. 


Until next time, happy misadventures.