Pulling Down the Heavens

Biking along Gwangju Creek I encountered this man. Sometime in his past, someone must have said "Go fly a kite," and he took it as a personal challenge. I counted more than forty. It appeared he was pulling down the heavens. A few more kites, and the heavens would have pulled him up to them.

Pulling down the heavens.

More than 40 kites on a single string. They dance together in the wind.

Where have you been?

Oh, man, I really need to keep up with this thing.  Well, I've been doing a lot.  Since I last updated after Detroit I travelled to San Marcos, TX for a week, and left a month later.  And took thousands of pictures, of course.  I promise to post those at some point.  Pinky swear.  

After San Marcos, I went back to Dallas to get some work done.  And got very little done.  Enough, though, to embark on another journey.  Most of that work involved bureaucracy, which of course took time.  Once the bureaucratic hassle was done I applied for jobs.  Once I got a job, it was nearly Thanksgiving, and the job would require a move, so I visited San Marcos again, then went to Houston for family stuff and one last bit of bureaucracy before I could get my job.  

So, what job, you might ask?  Teaching English in Korea, of course!  A two flights, a lay-over, and a three-hour bus ride later I arrived in Gwangju, South Korea, my new home for the next year.  That said, check it out:

On the flight over I got the chance to see Mt. Fuji at sunset.  It looks so small from 35,000 feet.

My first Sunday in town I wandered around downtown for a few hours.

Also from that first Sunday.  Just a few people walking Downtown.

The teaching has so far been hectic, but I'm sure that I'll get used to it.  I'm living pretty frugally, since I don't have much money left after my summer travels, but the school tells me I can get an advance on my pay soon.  So, once I get one I'll be able to do a lot more with my weekends than walk aimlessly around the Downtown district of Gwangju.  Perhaps I'll go hiking, or visit some of the other cities around here.  Who knows?  Stick around and I'll show you what happens next.  

No, seriously, keep checking back.  I don't have much to do in this city but watch Doctor Who and take pictures, and I've almost finished Doctor Who so I promise to keep this thing more up to date than I have been.