Take a seat - series post

One thing I've noticed since I got to South Korea is how many people around here seem to just put chairs anywhere. So far I haven't seen anyone sitting in them, but I did start taking pictures of them. I'm hoping this will be a continuing series, and it will as long as I keep finding chairs everywhere I go. Anyway, here's the beginning.

Jazz Bar

Under a bridge near my home in Singa-Dong.

Patio Seating

This chair was sitting next to a collapsing building and a shrine-stone of some sort.

Conversation Piece

Two chairs in the partially collapsed remains of a building.

Inversion Chair

Chairs in a doorway in Yang-dong market, near downtown Gwangju.

I'm going to try doing more of these series posts. Fewer words, just as much misadventure. Until next time, go get lost, just to have the opportunity to be found again.