Rough Beginnings

Terror precedes adventure. At least to me. Every time a trip nears, there is a sinking feeling in my stomach like I’m making a bad decision or a mistake. What-ifs tumble through my mind like an avalanche, and I question every decision I make a hundred times or more. As the date draws near, the questions become weightier, and the dread grows almost unbearably.

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Detroit - It begins

Misadventures, vol. 1, iss. 1

I arrived in Detroit by plane at 1 AM, and my long-time friend, Joel, picked me up and drove me to his place: my lodgings for the ten days I'm in this city.  On the way, he warns me that he lives in "the hood."  It's not that bad; only half the buildings are vacant or burned; the neighbors are polite and wave hello as you pass.  There's even a friendly neighbor who - upon noticing our late-night activity - came in to the house in the wee hours and offered to sell us a variety of clocks, all guaranteed "brand-new."   

In the morning, we played badminton in the front yard.  In the afternoon we explored Detroit.