I bought a bike!

Yeah, it's in color, but the colors are just so awesome, I had to share! Prettiest bike ever.

Since I arrived in Korea, I've been wanting to buy a bike. Not only as a form of transportation, but also because I miss riding. So, on Friday, I finally got one. For a while, I'd been holding off, trying to find a road bike in my size on a "flea-market" on Facebook, but I hadn't found what I wanted. One problem is that the Koreans are seriously partial to mountain bikes and hybrids, so none of the bikes on offer were what I wanted. Last Sunday, I bit the bullet, and ordered a brand-new bike from the bike shop across the street. Not the best choice, financially, but I got what I wanted. It came in on Wednesday, but it was raining, so I put off visiting the shop. Thursday was rainy, too. Finally, on Friday, I woke up early, and walked to the shop to pick up my new bicycle. 

One thing I love is that, apparently, when you buy a bicycle in Korea, it comes with a bell. I've never had a bike bell before! I mean, one of my bikes has a ridiculously loud horn, but I've never had a bell before! Also, the shop owner gave me a lock for free! I think that's something dealers in America should do. 

What have I said about all the apartments being the same?

As you may have guessed, no bus game this weekend. One amazing thing about Gwangju is that the rivers have miles and miles of biking trails along them. One terrible thing about Gwangju is that these biking trails are paved about as well as a farm-to-market road in Arkansas. That means not well, by the way. It kind of makes me understand why cyclists around here prefer the hybrids and mountain bikes. 

Anyway, I spent my weekend pedaling up and down these paths, finding cool new places to explore, and realizing how awesomely the Koreans spend their weekends... but that will be a post in the future. 

Greenhouses, a bridge, and apartments in Gwangju.

I also discovered another photo series I am pursuing. Including to documentary/street/travel type stuff, this brings the total up to four. I've got my work cut out for me!

To keep this short(er than usual) I'll just end by saying that I did get a flat on the way home today. About five miles from home. Good thing I've gotten so used to walking everywhere!

One last note: don't ever take four months off from biking, and then decided to do 60 miles your first weekend back. Everything hurts...

Happy misadventuring! Remember to bring patch kits and a portable pump if you're biking! (Like I didn't!)