Getting Published

Since I got to Korea, I've been a bit more outgoing about getting my photos sent around. I've submitted to a magazine where they published a few of my photos and misprinted my name and website. I submitted a shot to a photo group, and they picked it as their photo of the month. That same shot made it into the finalists on Reddit's yearly photo contest.

It's been exhilarating seeing that my photos can get published and seen at all, even if only to small publications.

The other day, just after leaving Poetry Plus, I met a man at the bar who introduced himself as the editor of a local magazine called Busan Haps. Having seen some friends' work in the mag, I thought I would take a chance. I introduced myself as a photographer, and quickly pulled out my phone, opened my portfolio, and began showing it to him. 

The first photo struck him as a fluke, I think. "If you're going to introduce yourself as a photographer, this is the image to start with." But then he started flipping through, and he seemed really appreciative of my work. After seeing a dozen or so, he handed me his business card, and suggested an interview as the next photographer profile. 

I thought he might have been a bit drunk. I know I was. But I emailed him a few days later.

And I waited.

Yesterday I woke up to an email from him. A list of interview questions. My jaw dropped. I spent the entire day thinking about them, and once I got home, I spent a couple hours typing out my responses and choosing which photos I think would be good for publication.

I'm stoked.

Sorry, had to gloat a little bit. I'm just excited.